Curly Hair Journey 2016 (Part 1)

Thursday, 11 February 2016


This year I decided to take a change and motivate myself to work harder and strive for the things I want to achieve.
In order to do that, I made a decision to change my look by growing my hair out naturally. ( by that, I mean having an afro)
Although my parents might not like it or agree with my decision, I am doing it to help build my confidence and show off my creativity and the fact that I am a unique person.

I am sharing this with you so you can see my curly hair journey which will include new tips and tricks, which hair products to use, inspirational people/bloggers/celebs ..etc.

Early stages
UK/Dubai 2008-2010

Dubai 2012/13

Transition Stage:Summer 2014

This specific summer was one of the toughest summers I ever had to face, due to the passing of both my grandparents. They were the last remaining grandparents I had left in this life and i'm blessed to have known them and spend time with them and my family. 

During that time, I  flew back and forth between Dubai and UK and it was at that time, I wanted to get a hair cut. So I ended up visiting my best friend in Glasgow and she took me to her hair dressers called  Priory Bellshill and I got the best hair cut there. I would highly recommend this place to anyone!

( See the links bellow for my post about Glasgow and for the Priory Bellshill Salon)

Priory Bellshill Salon  Facebook :

Before the haircut.

During the Haircut

After the haircut.

Hair Styling Images

Dubai 2014

These are some products my cousin bought from her trip  to Canada in 2013/14. 
Although they are very good, It made my hair very dry and brittle and did not work with the type of hair that I have.

Summer 2014

Dubai 2014 

Spring 2015

These pictures were taken in Spring 2015 in UK. I took a break from work for 3 weeks, where I was able to attend J. Cole's concert in Birmingham.
( See link bellow for the post about the concert and all the images I took from there)

Summer 2015

During this summer I was travelling between Dubai, UK and Qatar visiting family and also I attended the Wireless Festival , which Drake, Kendrick, Nicki Minaj, David Guetta..etc were headling and  performing all weekend long.
( see link bellow for all the pictures I took from the festival)
Wireless Festival 2015

Winter 2015

When I got back to UK, it was tough getting back to way things were in Plymouth and I wasn't feeling confident with myself or motivated at all.
So, during the time I was at home, this is where I began experimenting with different hair products to see what works and what doesn't. Its all trial and error, you just need to find what works for you.

Before I tried DevaCurl Products

After  I tried DevaCurl Products

Spring 2016

This year I took it upon myself to make a change and go completely natural and embrace my curly hair and that growing it out will give me the confidence and strength I need to find a job and work hard.

Beginning of this year, I took a trip to London to get re-inspired and visit my best friend, who has been living there for the past 2/3 years. Being there, made me feel so free and it inspired me more to embrace my hair and until now, I am loving every step, every product I tried and tested. 

This will be be my year to embrace my flaws and my hair and inshallah ( translated as "hopefully/ god willing") I will use this confidence from my hair to find a job and be happy with life.

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