NavaFest 2013 Collection updates

Saturday, 15 December 2012


Sorry I haven't been able to blog a lot , I've been very busy generating ideas for my final collection :)
I really can't wait for everyone to see what i've came up with because, for all of those people that cant make it to the final fashion show in Dubai, I am going to ustream the show from right here on Urbanista so you guys wont miss anything :D


Here are  a few of the moodboards I have for my final collection presentation

With the colour palette , I wanted to go for organic colours like Forest Green and Sky Blue , and as for the other colours I thought of using some traditional Native American colours so the theme can be cohesive.

Draping Ideas

Using these two boards , we were given many different mannequin/draping exercises in class for the last few months, and here are the best pictures from those exercises

  • Using Muslin

With this exercise , we were told to have a mascot object ( for me it was a dream catcher)

So using the mascot object

  • Using Fabric


With this exercise , we were asked to buy different fabrics and see how each one behaves in order to see if it is suitable for for what we want to do for our collection.  

  • Using Pleats


With this exercise , we were asked to buy different fabrics and pleat it ( whether its box pleat, knife pleats or even the different sizes)

So with these images I played around with the pleats to create a numerous amount of shapes , but these ones are my favourite

Design Ideas

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Rita Ora New Music Video "Radioactive"

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Check out Rita Ora's latest music video from her debut album ORA, 
With this music video video , instead of jamming out to hip-hop and pop beats , she dances to a "sci-fi like" music .

Music Video

Favourite Freeze frames
Here are a few of my favourite freeze frames from the music video

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My Graduation Wishlist

Monday, 3 December 2012