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Azzmeraki X Afro Hair & Beauty Live

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Last weekend was one of the best weekends in my fashion career!!!

      Why you ask?

I was given the opportunity to showcase my talents at the Afro Hair and Beauty Live. 

Not only was able to sell my t-shirt line Azzmeraki , but I was able to showcase in their fashion show. I haven't had an opportunity like this since my days at Esmod Dubai, back in 2010-13. 

I have been on this long winding road of fashion design, social media and art for so long, so for someone to finally recognize my talents now is such a blessing and it means all of my work has paid off.  

So here are some digital lookbooks that I created inspired by their  "Soul Train" inspired fashion show.

Digital Lookbooks...  

Exhibition Experience...

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Introducing Azzmeraki....

Friday, 20 April 2018


Azza is a UK based interdisciplinary artist, who is ready to take the design world by storm. Her garments embody the spirit of streetwear and the style of hip hop industry.
She is obtained Ba fashion and has done internships at .Esquire Middle East, Music World Cup and AnzStyle, as well as continuing her love for the arts by launchingAzzmeraki. 
She is rare creative soul, who has been blessed a gift and she would like to use it to empower and inspire others and bring light and love to their lives.

Digital Lookbooks...  

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Hang Out With A Sudanese

Monday, 5 March 2018

One of my talented blogger friends from Plymouth; AfriDiary asked me if I wanted to take part in her YouTube series called; "Hanging out with... " and even though I'm not one for to be behind the camera, I decided to take the chance and record an episode.

So here it is... my first YouTube Collaboration!

Make sure to checkout her blog and follow her on social media

Blog: www.afridiary.com Contact: afridiary@gmail.com Instagram: @afri_diary Twitter: @afri_diary Facebook: AFRI DIARY

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True Black Excellence

Friday, 9 February 2018

What is "Black Excellence"? and why is it so important?

When I think of Black Excellence, I think of a young black female or male, who is truely proud of where they come from and is willing to share their knowledge and culture with everyone around them.

Considering that Africa is the worlds second most populated continant,  it has so many countries with with different backgrounds, traditions and cultures making more empowering than ever. But at the end of the day, we are all one and are able to celebrate each other differences.

With this in mind, it has taken me time to be proud of where I come from and truely embrace my herriitage. This is only because when I was growing up, the people I idolized  were family members, who had suceeded in life and a few celebrities. But now, it has become a movement of being proud of who you are and embracing each others excellence.

Black Panther Premiere Experience

Having said that, last night was by far one of my proudest achievements. I witnessed greatness and true black excellence by attending the Black Panther European Premiere, which took part at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith. This opportunity wouldn't have been possible with out the help of the Mobo Awards Twitter Competition and being chosen by them.

I felt it was only right to dress the part and wear this ensemble and represent my country of Sudan!

Outfit details
Coat from Skinny Dip London,
Dress from Saudi Arabia 
Jewelry courtesy of Lovisa

The attendies included the cast; Ryan Coogler, Chadwick Boseman, Michael B Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Gurira, Daniel Kaluuya, Andy Serkis, Martin Freeman and Florence Kasumba. 

As well as UK Grime artists, footballers, actors, actresses and singers such as ; John Boyega, Stormzy, Daniel Sturridge, Leona Lewis... etc

Before the screening started, I managed to take a good look around and see everyone embrace their herriage and culture in support for the film and it was truely breath taking. But the most empowering experience I had was to be in the same space and pressence  of all of these talented actors and actress, who were directed by the genius; Ryan Coogler  was something indescrible. No one will ever have this same feeling, unless they were there too and felt it. 

I'm not gonna spoil this film for anyone, it its definatly a must see!! 
Take yur family, wear your culture and enjoy the film!!

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We are Black Panthers ✊🏾

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

When we think of "superheroes/heroines " we think of a man or woman who hides their true identity and instead portrays this alternative version of themselves in the best light possible with indescribable powers that can save the world. But, we realize they are just like us;  human beings with emotions, dreams, and spirits. Yet, they also have to go through the same struggles as we do, day by day, but they have to fight crime, save the world and be themselves at the same time, which is not an easy job to do. However, unlike us, they find the strength within themselves and find the balance to do so, which is why we see them as powerful people that we hope to aspire to become one day.

Take Black Panther for example. I think so many people are excited to see this film and have taken more of an interest in this particular comic is because the film has a full cast of colored people, which makes it more powerful and more relatable to young black/African people, who need someone to aspire to. Usually, any person of color that is casted in a large feature film is seen as a supporting role or sidekick to the main character. But this time around , its a full cast  that everyone can relate to.

From the time Ryan Coogler (who directed and wrote Fruitvale Station and Creedannounced he was creating Black Panther,  I was ecstatically happy because not only did each one of those films had such a  powerful storyline and complex characters that everyone could relate to, but it also had one of my favourite actors  Michael B. Jordanwho happened to be the main guy in each one of these films.

 The chemistry between Ryan and Michael is truly magical and inspiring, due to the fact that while working on Fruitvale Station,  Ryan was writing Creed and brought Michael into his world. Then while the two of them were working on Creed, Ryan was in the process of creating Black Panther and again brought Michael into his world, but bringing in a bigger and more influential cast with him. I can already see big things happening for both of them and I will always continue to support them.

With all of that in mind, I decided to create a digital scrapbook full of artworks, featuring the cast of Black Panther. 

We are all Black Panthers! 

We are All Wakandians! 

Let's support and fight for one another and bring peace and tranquility to our world.

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Saints and Scholars

Friday, 19 January 2018

When it comes to travelling, I believe that the best way to enjoy it is to work hard for a few months and take a few days to explore a new city/country. These will create long lasting memories for you and your loved ones. Also, it's always best to enjoy a new place with a tour guide, who has lived there for a long time and they can show you the best of what that place has to offer.

For example, I have been working at Lovisa for the past 4 months and although the team that I am working day in and day out with are amazing people, I needed some time relax, catch up with old friends and go an adventure. So I booked a short trip to Dublin, Ireland for a few days to catch up with an old friend, who I graduated with at Esmod Dubai. This trip was a well desereved, well needed trip to help rejovinate me to work hard.

It was great to be in a new city and explore some new spaces with my friend, who have not seen in 4 years and enjoy some time with her. She showed me the "typical" touristy places such as; The Liffey River, Temple Bar....etc , as well as underated places such as; Glendalough, Killkenny and Powerscourt, which were on the outskirts of Dublin and were completly breathtaking to see.

As a whole, Dublin was great place for someone, who is an avid booklover, due to the fact that they have so many small and unique bookshops, where you can find some incredible books ( old and new) , after all, the country has the title of " The island of the saints and scholars.".

But enough of my rant on how incredible my trip to Ireland was.

Here ais my digital lookbook of what I wore on my trip.

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If you like this album, then you might like this book....

Sunday, 3 December 2017

I recently discovered this reading list, which uses the type of albums people listen to and compares it to a novel that you may like.

This is a genius idea and breaks creative barriers and I believe more people should be doing the same with art. Mixing different art forms to invent a new/unique way of creativity.

To see the full list, check out this link: http://bit.ly/2BFsVS8
Make sure you follow @keyairruh and @bookgirlmagic 

For more book recommendations and other info check out @keyairruh and @bookgirlmagic 

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