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Saturday, 25 August 2018

This summer I decided to try out something new and braid my hair for the first time. I had no idea what to expect with the duration of getting it done, how much it would cost and how to maintain afterward. I mean, we have all seen videos on YouTube from different "curly hair bloggers" with their experiences, but the way I see it, your not gonna know what it's like until you experience it for yourself.

So with having the unexpected in mind, I managed to get connected with someone who does braids in Dubai and as soon as my cousin's wedding in Sudan was over, I traveled there on my way back to the UK. It took 4 hours with 5/6 packets of hair extensions to complete the full look.

Having these braids in, made my life so much easier and I was able to spend less time on my hair and focus more on my outfits, makeup and everything else.

I even tried to style up the braids in different ways; Swept to one side, Up Do Buns, high ponytails... etc

For anyone who wants to get it done, try it out! But remember the following;

  • Keep it healthy by washing it with shampoo and make sure you keep your roots clean.

  • Oil it with Argan, Coconut or Avocado Oil to retain its silkiness and make sure to oil the roots too.

  • Try not to do too many top-heavy hairstyles, the may result in hair damage to your roots.

  • If you feel it's getting too tight and see some dirt building up, speak to the hairdresser that did it, to see if its time to take it out.

  • When you take it out the braids, keep in mind the length of your natural hair and chop off the excess extension and undo the braids. Use a wide tooth comb and some leave-in conditioner to detangle your hair. Keep in mind we lose 100 strands per day so there will be quite a lot of hair coming out. Give it a good wash with shampoo and conditioner and it should be all good.

  •  To make sure your hair is all healthy, try a deep conditioning DIY hair mask. I normally mix avocado, banana, honey, and mayo and it works like a charm after giving my hair a good clean.

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