Eid Mubarak

Sunday, 25 June 2017

To end my Ramadan Routines and celebrate Eid Al Fitr, I wrote this story to show how I spend his special day with my family.

I pray that Allah has blessed you all this month and will reward you and your family in this life and the next.

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Unsung Heroes

Sunday, 18 June 2017

To continue on with my Ramadan Routines ,   I have written another story, which gives praise to our unsung heroes in islam, who are muslim sisters, mothers and cousins.

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Art/Fashion University Showdown.

Early Days

I can remember way back when I was 16years old, I was faced with one of the biggest decisions I ever had to make, which was where do I want to study to pursue my career in design.

One option was to stay in Plymouth  and start my degree at Plymouth College of Art , which had all the facilities and the great bonus of it being very close to home. But after living in Plymouth  for my whole life and being fortunate to travel to places such as Dubai, Switzerland, Abu Dhabi, Washington..etc to visit family, I felt that the world could offer me more opportunities and experiences that I couldn't learn at home.

( Early designs)

 ( First Dress I ever created)

( My final GCSE project in 2010)

The Esmod Experience

So with that mindset, I looked into all of these different fashion universities such as Parsons, LCF, Central Saint MartinsEsmod...etc and with a lot to consider such travel expenses, living arrangements, tuition costs...etc I felt like the best place to go to was Esmod Dubai for the main reason of Dubai being my second home, since I have visited enough times. So in the summer 2010, having completed my portfolio alongside my GCSES, I moved to Dubai and attended Esmod Dubai 

When I first arrived in the university, I did know what to expect. It was as if shows such Project Catwalk had come to life in that space. Within the university they had a sewing room, lecture space for fashion history talks, classrooms with mannequins and tools and a library full all the fashion history books that you could imagine.

By seeing all the facilities and the space that I was working in before started, I immediately felt comfortable and more excited to start working on my career and the experiences I had in the university was something I will never forget, due the people I surrounded myself with in the university. Each person I met, connected with me in a different way and I love and support each and every single one of them.

Plymouth College of Art Fashion Show

With all of these different memories and experiences held very dear to my heart,  a few days ago, I recently attended the Plymouth College of Art Fashion Show thanks to my neighbours. One of them happened to be the chair of governors of the college for 8years.

Going to the fashion show, showcased some similarities with Esmod,  such as the amount of creativity, included more womenswear and menswear and the pieces required. Although with Esmod, the final years had more pieces to showcase and their got to choose their own music, which could give you an understanding of their collection.

I'll finish off by saying this, attending an art college is defiantly one the most rewarding experiences I have had and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. It gives you a chance to unlock your creativity, meet new people and gains some experience in your field.

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Las Vegas Comic Con 411

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

In collaboration with Vegas.com,  I would like to give you some tips and tricks on attending Amazing Comic Con in Vegas.

The first Comic Con I ever attended was in Dubai and it was the MEFCC (Middle East Film and Comic Con) back in 2012, which happened to be their first event. The idea of being around like minded people who love art, film and comics inspired me heavily and to see everyone dressed up as their alter ego/ hero or heroine made the event even more special.

What To Wear?

For someone like me, who wasn't too interested in dressing up and wearing a costume, its best to keep your outfit for the weekend, simple but also playful.

Here are a few examples of what you can you wear;

( This is what I wore to the MEFCC in 2012 ) 

( This is what I wore to the MEFCC in 2012 ) 

What to pack?

When it comes to what to carry in your day bag, try to keep your backpack as light as possible with the essentials for the day. This gives you a chance to fill it up with goodies from the exhibitors.

This what I would I classify as the essentials to pack:

  • Phone ( Take some pics for social media and to connect with people)
  • Wallet ( packed with debit card and cash to spend)
  • Portable Charger ( incase my camera/phone dies)
  • Make Up - (Eyeliner/Mascara, Lipstick/Gloss and Cover Up )                                                      ( as a female, you may need to touch up during the day)
  • Earphones ( To be used, when travelling to the event or pass the time listening to music)
  • Sunglasses ( For the sunny days, if it is outdoors)
  • Notepad and Pen ( get some celebrities to sign it or just to doodle in it)
  • Camera ( Take some pictures to remember the event)

How to spend the day?

When it comes to events like this, one of my favourite things to do is to explore all the vendors and see what they to offer. It's motivational to hear their stories on how they started their craft and how they managed to get into the exhibition. 

 Vendor Artist : Rayden Kusumo (@raydenkusumo)

My top tip with attending events like this is to buy a weekend pass so you can enjoy the event to the fullest. You won't be able to see it all, so its easier to break it down day by day and see it all over the weekend. 

For example, there might be workshops, talks and competitions, which you can be a fun way to enjoy the day.

(All images are my own images from MEFCC 2012 and 2013 in Dubai)

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