Poetic Justice

Friday, 4 January 2019

As a creative, you can find different outlets to portray different emotions.
For example;

Fashion - This is my unique way of dressing up/down, depending on who I want to be that day.

Art  - This is what I use to paint a picture of how I feel/who has inspired me.

Music - This helps me in creating generating thoughts and feelings.

Poetry - This helps me vocalize exactly how I feel at that moment.

Photography/film - This helps me capture the moment and document it for life.

...etc ( You get the idea)

So since I have conquered some of these fields already, I decided to tap into my emotions and vocalize it with poetry.

These are some books that I would personally recommend if you are like me;

  1. Maya Angelou - And Still I Rise
  2. Alicia Keys - Tears For Water
  3. Morgan Parker - There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyonce
  4. Rupi Kaur - The Sun and Her Flowers
  5. Black Girl Magic 

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