2013 is Beyonce's Year

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Beyonce is back and she is more fierce than ever.

Firstly by starting off the year singing at President Obama's Inauguration then performing at the Superbowl with Destiny's Child ( yeah i said it she reunited with Kelly and Michelle)

she also announced her new World Tour called "Mrs Carter tour" (which I am ecstatically happy about)
I hope in summer I get the chance to see this fantastic show :)

Also she recently won her 17th Grammy award for "Love on Top".

 And to top it all off , she has released her new HBO documentary "Life is But A Dream"

I hope one day that I get the chance to meet her and thank her for influencing my life and I hope to be as successful as she is :)


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Django Unchained : Broomhilda played by Kerry Washington


Beyonce and Destinys Child Performing at The Super Bowl.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

For those of your that dont know, Beyonce performed last night at the Super Bowl Halftime show.
Her performance was incredible and luckily she was with Destinys Child :D
She is the most iconic person i know, from a young age i have always admired her and respected her as one of my biggest role models and after seeing last nights performance I can honestly quote that " Who runs the world ? BEYONCE" !!


IF YOU HAVENT SEEN IT ( check out the link bellow !!)

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