Teen Vogue February Issue 2016

Monday, 22 February 2016


As most of you, who have read my blog in the past, I am a big fan of Teen Vogue and I have been collecting it for years. I prefer reading it compared to other magazines because of the people they have featured and the articles they have written.

This particular issue is by far my favourite issue, due to the fact that they have shared beauty and hair tips for dark skin, as well as include an interesting interview with Amandla Stenberg, written by Solange Knowles.
As you saw in my  previous post, Solange Knowles is one of my favourite fashion icons of all time. So for her to contribute to Teen Vogue is a bonus!

Take a look at the article and let me know your thoughts!

Link: http://www.teenvogue.com/story/amandla-stenberg-interview-teen-vogue-february-2016

Photoshoot Images


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Curly Hair Article

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Today, I was browsing through different websites and I came across this article on BuzzFeed written by Essence Gant,  a beauty editor for BuzzFeed. 

Please take a look and if you have any more tips/products that have worked for you, let me know!


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The Sudanese Kitchen


For the past few years, my cousin has been working on a cookbook. It is filled with delicious recipes from all over Sudan, as well as stories and facts about our culture.
I am blessed to be part of this project  and help my cousin share this with everyone I know.
In the past, I have made a few of the recipes and people have asked me " How did you make this?. Now, with my cousin's cookbook, I can answer that with the recipes inside.

Please help us raise awareness about The Sudanese Kitchen by liking, following and sharing our social media pages. ( see links bellow)

Also we have started a Kick Starter campaign to help raise money for my cousin's next trip to Sudan and to help publish the book.

For more info :

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Curly Hair YouTubers

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Since I started this journey, I felt the best thing to do was to research other bloggers/influencers, who have done the same journey as me. So, I started watching a variety of YouTube videos and found a a selection of people, who have discussed products, shared their hair routines, different hair styles..etc

So here a few of my favourites;

UK Influencers

UK Curly Girl


USA Influencers

Shamless Maya


Curly Penny


If you have any tips or want me to share your story, please contact me via email or on social media :)

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Positive Vibes

Monday, 15 February 2016
 For the past few months, life for me hasn't been easy. I have been struggling to find a job/internship in Dubai which got me to leave Dubai. I didn't want to leave because I felt there is still so much more I can do here. I left Plymouth, UK ( my hometown) and moved to Dubai to pursue my dream of being a designer/creative. I'm so happy that I managed to achieve that and that I managed to work hard for the past 5 years to achieve it. 

But now I found myself more confused than ever with what I wanted to do. It wasn't until I watched Superwoman ( aka) Lilly Singh's videos on YouTube. Her videos are so relatable and funny and it motivated to do more in life. 

So this year, not only am I going to go natural with my hair ( I am hoping this this will help with confidence) but I want to help spread positivity and motivate people, like she has done with her videos. 

Superwoman's Vision Board

My Vision Board
So on here, I have written my goals for this year,  collected images of natural hair and places I have visited and places I want to visit.


A Trip to Unicorn Island

Today I watched A Trip to Unicorn Island and I was so inspired by Lilly Singh's tour life and work ethic she has throughout the whole film.
For anyone who is going through a tough time right now, I advice you all to take the time to watch this and take a trip to your own Unicorn Island  and do what makes you happy in life. Yes life is full of ups and downs, but the only way to get through it is through hard work, strong support system and having your own Unicorn Island .

Best Quote from Lilly Singh

BRING ON 2016 :)

Make sure you follow Lily Singh/Superwoman on all social media and watch her videos!

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Curly Hair Journey 2016 (Part 5)

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Celebrity Influences
 At the moment there are so many people I look up to and admire, but for this journey I am taking, I am following two people in particular;  Tamera Mowry and Solange Knowles.

Tamera Mowry

From when I was younger, I have always looked up to Tia and Tamera Mowry. Back in the 90s they were the only young black/african american kid stars on the TV and I can remember being so inspired by their personalities and their fashion style.

Until now, I have always supported everything they have done such as Tamera being on The Real Daytime Talk Show and Tia with her cooking show.

Solange Knowles

Although Beyonce has been my number one role model, I have always been a big fan of Solange Knowles.



In 2013, I was fortunate to meet her and take pictures with her. Seeing her and meeting her in person, made me love her and respect her even more.
She is one person I aspire to be like in life.

To see more pictures from the event, take a look at the link bellow.

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Curly Hair Journey 2016 (Part 4)

Just like any other project I have started in the past, I started looking at inspirational images. 
I felt that looking at these powerful images would inspire me to try out new hairstyles and find someone who I can refer to :)

All of the images I found online, I sourced them out from Pinterest and Instagram.  
( To follow me on both of these accounts, click on Pinterest and Instagram above ^)

Pinterest Finds

( All of these images are on my Pinterest. 
See link bellow for more info;


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