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Sunday, 28 October 2012
This weekend, my dad ( who is one of the most important and influential person I know ) flew from UK to Dubai to spend Eid with us :) and lucky for me his suitcase was filled with a lot of goodies such as

CDs : Rita Ora and Trey Songz
Clothes : Jelly and Cream top and canary yellow pleated maxi skirt
Shoes multi print converse "Funkify
And more :)

Funkify Converses
Here is how I transformed my new plain white with multi print converses to my own print trainers

The Original Coverses

When I first saw these shoes, I had to buy them because of the clashing prints they had and I thought to myself , I should make them more unique my adding my signature Urbanista Doodle


Using Sharpies Markers I litterally just free handedly drew the shapes from one of my art works on to the shoe

Please comment bellow or tweet me what you think of these shoes :)

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  1. nice Azza!! this is totally you!!! good job you re so creative!!!!

    nice blog!