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Friday, 23 December 2016

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love the street and urban family culture that Dubai has to offer and I was deeply disheartened when I found out I had to leave Dubai and go back to UK. The idea of me going back home so early, wasn't something I was prepared for. But, I took it one day at a time and I can honestly say,  this year has been one of the most productive years i've had, since I  graduated in 2013.  The reason why I say this is because I could understand why I did that and began to grow more as an adult and see the world in a whole new perspective.

So while I was developing my sketches, I began to receive all of these different signs from above showing me that what I was doing, is what I should be doing.

The Dukkan Show is a weekly podcast based in Dubai and they are a collective, who love to celebrate other creatives and have inspirational conversations with them.
I came across their podcast for the first time, when they went live on Facebook at Sole DXB this year and watching them talk about the urban culture in Dubai made me feel so happy and that I could still feel connected to Dubai through their podcast and from that point, I continued  to listen to everyone of their episodes and i was blown away by the amount of in depth conversations they had with other creatives.

One of my favorite episodes that they did was with Dina Yassin, which I reposted on my blog earlier this year. The reason why it is my favorite is because I could relate to everything the did in her life and because of our connection, she reached out to me to do a commissioned sketch. I was ecstatic by this and I managed to do a few pieces for her and since I was already traveling to Dubai for a family visit, I made it my mission to print them for her and actually meet her in person. So on Sunday night, I headed down to Dubai Mall and had a lovely dinner with her. 






After meeting her and listening to her story and her tips on conquering the industry, I felt it was only right to meet the inspiring intellects behind The Dukkan Show and give them their own personalized sketch just to say thank you and to show them how powerful their podcast is. Luckily they were free to meet yesterday evening and I headed down to their studio and sat down with them, discussing my experiences and absorbing all the tips and stories they shared with me. 



When it comes to things like this, where you meet like minded creatives, it is refreshing feeling that cannot be recreated and it helps you build up your creativity knowing that their people out there in the world, who believe in what you are doing. So when you find these people, keep them close and don't ever let them go. 

(OT, Reem and Irshad if you are reading this, I know I keep saying thank you. But I really mean it. Your knowledge and tips on the industry is something I will take to heart and motivate me next year. Keep doing your thing and I will continue to support you guys from wherever I am in the world.) 
Where to find The Dukkan Show 

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