2016 • The Year of the Afro and life changing year •

Saturday, 31 December 2016
As the new year slowly approaches, it gives the chance to appreciate all the blessings that have come my way this year. 

I know I have mentioned several times about the move back to UK, which wasn't my choice but it was a decision that had to made because I didn't want to waste anymore time job searching and slumming and letting time pass me by. So I decided to take it upon myself to get out of my comfort zone and create a a list of goals for the year and aim to cross them off, as the year progressed.

These goals were as follows;
1. Get my driving license ( Got that in May )
2. Find work to build experience, which I covered this summer in London.
 3.Travel more. ( Done that too! Holland in August, Italy in October and now I will be heading to Dubai and Sudan)

The other thing I did this year was that I made the decision  to set the Afro free and not damage my hair with any heat. I have to say, I'm so proud of myself for doing this.
My Afro represents my personality and with having it set free, has allowed me to be more creative and I haven't never felt more like myself because of it! I hope that 2017 and the years to come will help bring out the best in me creatively and spiritually. 

Life Changing 

One last thing, this is something I wrote to salute 2016 and invite 2017 with open arms!

"From the day we are born, we are full of life and wonder. Dreaming and believing that we can be whoever we want to be and as time passes, we work hard and strive to make turn those childhood dreams into goals that we can achieve. 

Along this long winding journey, we faced with difficult situations that shake up our world which makes us feel like our world is crashing down us and that it is the end. Little do we know that these minute situations are a fraction of life will offer us in the future. 

As we grow older our surrounds, our friends and our mindset changes to where we are forced to make tough decisions that are not easy to make. This may cause us down a downward spiral and our world is shaken again, but it  ends up occurring for reasons that we may not understand now, but overtime, we see the final outcome of the situation that we are in. 

With all these experiences and life changing moments, we reflect and realize that it was all for a greater purpose and we become stronger, happier and better people. "

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