Wireless Festival 2016 Experience

Sunday, 10 July 2016

This year I was having such a hard time deciding on which concert I wanted to attend. There was Beyonce's Formation World Tour, Rihanna Anti Tour and Wireless Festival.

I thought the best thing to do was to wait a few months, just to see what would happen until the summertime. Luckily The Weeknd dropped out of Rihanna's Tour. which meant that tour was crossed off my list and I was left with Beyonce's and Wireless Festival. I went back and forth deciding and ended up attending Wireless Festival for a day. I just thought that I am paying the same price to see 7x People, than to see 1x person. 

So on Saturday morning, the day 2nd day of Wireless Festival, me and my cousin woke up at 7AM to go to Finsbury Park at 8AM and wait until they open gates, just so we could stand at the front.  When we arrived, there wasn't too many people. But at as the hours went by, more and more and more people began to arrive and when the gates opened at 11AM, there was extreme rush to the stage and we did our best get the best spot. 

Unfortunately, we managed to get the front of the main stage. But we were very close to a crane with a camera at the end. This meant most of my pictures would have to be head shots or somewhat blocked with the camera/crane. 
(Please excuse the crane/camera in some of my pictures)

Line Up :

The main stage line up included the following artists;
  • Nadia Rose
During her set, Nadia payed tribute to Black Lives Matter Movement with a minute silence. 
Performances included: Best Friend, In2 and Come Down)

  • Krept and Konan
Performances included: Don't Waste My Time and Freak of The Week with a special apperience from  Rita Ora.)

  • Future
Performances included: Bulgatti and Jumpman

  • J.Cole
Performances included tracks from his Albums:

Sideline Story: Can't Get Enough,  Lights Please, Nobody's Perfect and Work Out.

Born Sinner: Power Trip and Crooked Smile

Forest Hills Drive:
A Tale of 2 Cities,  Fire Squad, Wet Dreamz, Apparently, G.O.M.D, Love Yours,  No Role Modelz and Note To Self. 

He also did these two songs with Bas on stage: Night Job and Lit.

  • A$AP Ferg

  • Chase and Status ( We did not stay for them)

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