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Monday, 25 July 2016

We have all had those dreams, when we were younger of what we wanted our own apartments/homes/closets would be like and now that I am getting older, I keep thinking more and more about it,financially speaking of course.

Also, i'm sure we have all walked into a store and thought
"This is how I want my closet to be like."

For me, this is with Urban Outfitters. Every time I walk in to any of their stores in UK, US...etc , I just love the rustic, urban, street vibes that they incorporate in each shop.
Here is a prime example of some of their stores around the globe;

But If I had to choose now of what would be like, this is how it be;

I love the idea of clothes hung up on metal racks and shoes placed on wooden shelves, for the reason that it makes me feel like i'm living in a loft in Brooklyn, New York

Another thing I could add to my dream closet is a chill out space, with bean bags, small tv and stereo, so you could chill out, while you are thinking about what to wear next.

Here are a few of my must haves for my wardrobe;

Jackets : Denim Jacket and Varsity Jacket
Trousers: Mom Jeams, Plain Skinnys and Leather Trousers
Skirts: Leather Skirt, Pencil Skirt and Maxi Skirt
Tops: Plaid Shirt, 90s Inpired T-shirts, Tribal Tank Tops
Dresses/Jumpsuits: Maxi Dress, Tribal Jumpsuit or Romper
Shoes: Timberlands, Converse, Vans, Sandals, Chunky Heels
Bags : Backpacks; Denim and Leather, Tribal Clutch

But in order for me to get my dream closet, I have be able to maintain the one I already have!
Luckily with MakeSpace, they can help with sorting your belongings, while you find the right space.

This is how it works;

If you are living in USA , they have locations in New York, Chicago, Washington DC and Los Angeles
They will be opening soon in BostonPhiladelphia, San Francisco,  North Virginia and Maryland.

Full list on this Link :https://makespace.com/locations/ 

For more information; click here https://makespace.com/

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