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Saturday, 23 July 2016
Last week, I attended round two of the Girls Talk London, where one of the ambassadors; Shanice Mears hosted the discussion, which was on the topic of what does it mean to love yourself? She also included two speakers; Sinead Banful and Nina Danjuma,  who spoke about their lives and on the topic,

The discussion was held in Think Big Hub in Shoreditch which is a creative hubs to meet like minded people.

Bellow is a link for the last Girls Talk London review.

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My message to you 

To finish off this short post I want to say this;
 I strongly believe that in life you get to point where you can love yourself for all your flaws and be proud of what you can do. Having this mentality will allow you to share this with someone who loves you for you, even if its family and significant other.

So this song by J. Cole puts things in perspective for me and that our lives are the most important thing and we should live our lives in the best possible way by Loving ourselves and our family & friends, do good to other people and have faith in God/ Allah!

Here are a few quotes I will leave you with and his video for Love Yourz.

"No such thing is  as a life that's better than yours."

"For what's money without happiness?Or hard times without the people you love.

Though I'm not sure what's 'bout to happen nextI asked for strength from the Lord up above"

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