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Monday, 7 March 2016

Dreamville has done it again. 
They have made another killer album with their signed artist Bas. 

In a podcast for Rap Radar, he stated that this album was more of a reflection on his life after last winter and the things he had to go through afterwards. 

Another important thing he mentioned, was the content that he created for this album was like nothing he had ever done before and the idea that he is showing another layer of himself to his fans. This shows his growth, as an artist/creative and what he has learned from his past experiences.

" We always talk about giving people layers. 
Layers of yourself. Cole talks about that all the time and that is defiantly something that has stuck with me is every project, every song, whatever you do, you want to peal back another layer if you can because if you don't, then your not telling me anything new about you. I'm not really finding anything about who you are as a person; what makes you tick and what not or how you have grown/changed, what have you been doing since last winter.

If Last Winter was me in the mists of getting a record deal and really feeling like a fan response.
Then this is more about things lost than gained..." - Bas

In life, we go through so much many things, if we want to succeed. These experiences help us become stronger and better people. So with everything I have experienced and shared on here with the world, I'm using it all to make me a stronger, happier and more creative person.

(To see the full podcast, see the link bellow, as well as the interview he did with Complex Magazine)


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