Street Wear Explosion in the Middle East

Sunday, 17 November 2013


Street Wear has defiantly arrived in me Middle East. With the likes of  New Era, Adidas, Louis Leeman, Kenzo and Reebok adapting their latest collections to please various sporty customers, it is definatly a pleasure to become apart of this movement. There is also new additions such as upcoming designers like CHNDY and Arcadian Apparel.

Arcadian Apparel 2013

A new place for upcoming designers to submit their designs and if they get chosen, then they will be able to become apart of the brand and start selling.

So if you want to be part of it, submit your designs to


Adidas Originals Event

Adidas Orignal Events

                                      DJ Rone Jaxx and DJs BFG and Smoking Groove

Ruben Sanchez Exhibition

                                     DJ Shef Codes and  Majid Ibrahim Syeed

                   The Amazing Artist also known as Ruben Sanchez

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