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Wednesday, 20 November 2013
As most of you who follow my blog, last June in 2012 I was fortunate to go to the Velsvoir for S*uce Boutique event. At this event, the boys from Velsvoir designed a range of bow ties and shirts for women and of course since I support 100%, I ended up buying a shirt and bow tie for myself.
But for those who don't know who Velsvoir are, here is a little info from their website
 "Velsvoir is the story of 3 brothers who accidentally redesigned the bow tie. Officially launched in early 2012, Velsvoir specializes in luxury accessories for him and her and caters to a discerning clientele who seek exclusively crafted products with a distinguished design. Each piece is handmade in London. "

Images of their latest collection

                               So far, I have my eye on this particular bow tie :)

Time for the Q&A  with Talha Timol ( one of the brothers from Velsvoir)

1) When did you start "Velsvoir" and what inspired you to do so?

The inspiration came at our brother's wedding when we were looking for
statement bow ties for the big occasion. It was incredibly frustrating not
to find the right bow tie for our outfits and this is where the drive came
to re-think and re-design a classic accessory and bring it into the modern
day. This was the birth of our signature silhouette which has now become
synonymous with our brand.

2) If you could design a bowtie/tie for any celebrity or socialite, who
would it be and why?

For us, it is not about celebrity but about style and being able to have
the confidence to carry a bow tie. We have always preferred the challenge
of invoking a sense of self-confidence to an otherwise shy and timid
person to wear a bow tie through astute styling. Nothing beats the feeling
of helping someone look and feel the best they can be!

3) How would you describe your personal style?

Three generations of fashion and influences are represented in a myriad of
styles. Classic, sartorial, trendy and eccentric best describe an ever
evolving mix.

4) Who are your style icons?

Tom Ford. Nobody does it better than him. A true genius living amongst us.

5) What is one thing/garment you can't live without?

A bow tie, obviously! :)

Here are a few shots of me with the Bow Tie that I got in 2012

 Me showing my support at their Velsvoir S*uce Event in 2012

 Much love and support to these guys !!
Make sure you follow them on their fabulous Bow Tie journey, while they try to bring elegance and dapperness to the world this their amazing bow ties, ties, pocket squares shirts and vests.

Website : http://www.velsvoir.com/
Twitter : @Velsvoir , @TTVelsvoir and @ZakVelsvoir

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