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Thursday, 7 November 2013


Since I am interning with Esquire Middle East, I have had so many fantastic opportunities and I have met some many interesting people so far.

I have been doing a bit of writing for the magazine such as the descriptions for the directory and the two features on Esquire Weekend, which are called Weekend Wardrobe and Three Of The Best. These features I do every week. I also assisted on 2 photo shoots and covered so many events.


Here are a few images from when I first my internship till now.

My Desk

Photo shoots I have helped with

                David Haye Cover Shoot

Accessories shoot for the Accessories Supplement for the November 2013 issue

Events Covered 

                                                Replay Press Event

     F1 VIP Lounge Press Event

    Arcadian Apparel Event

Louis Leeman

People I Have Met

David Haye aka The Haymaker

Claudio and Carlo Zaccardi from Boggi

Derek Blasberg at The Vogue Experience in Dubai Mall

Solange Knowles at The Vogue Experience in Dubai Mall

Louis Leeman and Erica Pelosini from Louis Leeman

My Features in the Magazine

My Weekend Wardrobe and Three Of The Best Credits in 21st Issue of Esquire Weekend.

Esquire Middle East November Issue : I found all the prices and did the writing for the directory.

I'm sure there will be more features and more things that I will be apart of.

So until then, enjoy the rest of my blog.

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