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Sunday, 2 September 2012

I got in touch with an upcoming street wear designer from here in Dubai, who is planning to bring street-wear to Dubai , and for that Urbanista salutes him for doing this because after going to so many events I can see that that is the one kind of casual wear that is missing in Dubai.
So I'd like to say " Well Done Isaac !!" You are a legend for doing this :) "
Designer : Isaac Ode
Brand : LeVier Concepts

1. When did you start LeVier Concepts and what motivated you to start it ?

 I started LeVier Concepts in November of 2010. My passion for fashion and love for individuality inspired me to start my own brand. 

2.What made you decide to come all this way to dubai ?

Coming to Dubai was a decision my father made that I will for ever be grateful to him for. Dubai helped me grow, and is a major part of the reason I started LeVier. I moved here in spring of 2009 I was here till summer 2010 before moving back to the stated. Being back home I saw thing that Dubai was missing, in particular an urban/street fashion movement. Which led me to start my brand. 

3.If you could design for any celebrity , who would it be and why ?

4.Who is your biggest fashion icon ?

If I could design for any celebrity it would Kanye West, he's not what the stereotypically "fashion icon" he is unique, he creates a balance between street and high end, and makes it work well. Which is what I aim to achieve in my brand. 

5.How would you describe your your style?

My style is very impromptu, I feel it reflects me in more ways than one. I like to keep it simple, not to flashy, not much of brand whore unless it comes to my sneakers hahaha. 
My style is what some may call skater or hipster. But I think its just an average guy who loves looking and feeling comfortable in his own skin and clothing. 

Heres a little collage and insider of what Isaac does at LeVier Concepts

Make sure you follow him on twitter : @Le_Vier and check his website : LeVier


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