My Final Year : Graduation Collection 2013

Wednesday, 29 August 2012
Sorry i haven't posted anything interesting lately. I've been really busy with doing an internship with nawá ( a brand designed by Nadine Mezher,  a former Esmod teacher.
But as a special treat I going to let you in on what theme and ideas I have for my final year collection.The theme is ...... British Festivals !!  So think of Glastonbury,V-Festival,Creamfields,Wireless Festival and T4 on the Beach...etc So while I was in london , after going to Wireless Festival with my cousin, I got so much inspiration.From the music ( artists who I managed to see) to the clothes ( the crazy feathers , headbands..etc) and general atmosphere of the crowd. I spent my time after the festival going fabric shopping in Jasons and Joel and Son and heading back to Plymouth and making a stop in Exeter to go have a look at more fabrics. By doing that, all of these ideas starting coming up in my head and I spent my time in Saudi sketching out ideas.Here are a few snapshots I took on my road to inspiration :

The Inspirational pages

Researching Fabric Stores

Picking out the Details ( such as buttons,feathers and beads)

The Designing Part

My Sketches

Please comment and give me your thought on this collection idea :)

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