Muna Gasim Birthday Soirée

Sunday, 24 June 2012
Last night was my cousin Muna birthday soirée at the Desert Palm Resort and Hotel, which was actually designed by my Uncles (Muna's dad) company Albwardy .
The theme for the party was white but it seemed more like a black and white party but yet everyone looked amazing !!

Check out my outfit for the party

Shirt and Bow Tie : Velsvoir
Trousers : New Look
Shoes : Spring Brogues
Accessories : bag : forever 21, bracelets : NimNim Jewels

Here are some pics of the venue

Red Carpet :)

DJ and dance floor

Amazing decor :)

Some of the guests included, Muna's closest friends from Emirates International School such as the duo Harsh Saijani and Revna Adnani ( the duo organized the EIS fashion show back in February )
Also the twins Deepshika and Divyanshi Odhrani and Noor Khan who modeled for my friends last year at the Esmod Dubai Mutation Fashion Show.

Here are some shots of the guests

Here are some shots of the craziness on the dance floor

As for the cake my cousin went for one funky delicious cake
She went for a zebra inspired cake made from chocolate

The last thing I wanna say is Happy Birthday Muna and I hope you had a fun night last night :)
And thanks for everyone who managed to attend the party :)
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Location:Desert Palm Resort and Hotel, Dubai UAE

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