Esmod Dubai Fashion Show

Friday, 29 June 2012

Yesterday was my 2nd year fashion show held at Wafi Mall
Because I only had one garment in the show I was able to take a lot of pictures and enjoy the night.

Also since I was running back and forth between the catwalk and backstage, all the catwalk pictures were taken by my best friend/cousin Zain Eltigani so plz thank her for taking all those pics (but the backstage ones were done by me ) Also make sure you follow her on twitter @zainelti7

Backstage Pictures


After (During the show)

Atmosphere Backstage

My model and I

Since my theme was slavery , I thought of adding chains around her neck , so make her feel more like a slave

My Friends and I

Here are a few pictures of me and some other people that you might recognize ;)

Hanan Nader (owner of NimNim Jewels

These are some pictures if Hanan's amazing designs

Hanan's Catwalk pictures

Nouna Khorasanee from 'For The Love of Fashion' Blog
(link: with Abby Ahmed both from the Class of P9

Me with Shivangi Gandhi

Vera Nur with her model

Minas Proctor with her model

Dorsa Babei

If it wasn't for my support group of my mum and my cousin I wouldn't have made it through the 2years at Esmod :) so thanks mum and Zain xx

Also just to finish off :) I'd like to wish the class of P5 and P6 which include
Kay Li
Bodoor Abdulqader
Maimoona Arshad Hussian
Raghad Al Masri
Kashish Dang

I wish you all the best of luck in the future and I hope to see you all soon xx

Azza Gasim aka #designerinthemaking
Follow me in twitter (@azz_richgirl)

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