Dukkan Show with Dina Yassin

Saturday, 19 November 2016

I want to take a moment and share this interview with The Dukkan Show and Dina Yassin.  I just came across it today, when I was browsing through Sole DXB feed, so I can update myself on what is happening over there.

While I was listening to what they were saying, I felt that I could relate to everything Dina was saying about her fashion journey because she has moved around from UK, US and Dubai to find her path and purpose.

(*Light Bulb Moment) This is something that I am currently going through, since I have now moved back to UK and to hear about her journey has given me more hope, inspiration and motivation to continue what I am doing and that one day, I will come back to Dubai and work harder.

Thank you Dukkan Show and Dina Yassin for this!

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Dina Yassin
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Efro and Co Twitter: https://twitter.com/efroandco

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