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I would say for any female growing up, Prom is one of the biggest events to happen in your life time.
It's almost as big as your wedding and having your first child, for the reason of a lot of planning goes into what you wear on that day.

Some people spend months of their high school year, planning what they will wear. they would search through fashion magazines, websites, even dress shops to find the right dress/tux.

I would advice anyone who is currently looking for their prom dress, to search online to get an idea of the latest trends and see what suits you.
 Here are some websites that I would recommend;

This is a website is a great place for you to choose the perfect tux for prom without any hassle.

All you have to do is select your favorite pieces from their tuxedo rental collection, give them your measurements – which you can take yourself– and they'll send you your tuxedo and accessories with plenty of time before the event!

To find out more information, please visit their website and see how they can help you prepare for prom.

My  Prom Experience
For me, Prom was defiantly of one of the highlights from my final year in school.
When I decided what to wear, I read through Teen Vogue and Seventeen magazine to see what the last trends were.

( Note: This was before Instagram and Pinterest were available)

 I even visited a few shops in the area such as  Debenhams, Monsoon, Next and House of Frazer  to see what they had available in the Formal Dress department.

In the end, I ended up purchasing a maxi dress from Ted Baker. At that time, I wasn't looking for something over the top. I wanted something simple and for me to wear for other occasions, which I believe is the key to looking for formal attire. Always look for something practical, that you know you can wear for other occasions. Don't go all out on something you can only wear once.

Here are a few images from my Prom back in 2010

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