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For the last month, I have had to put all of my work aside because I received news of my grandmother and grandfather passing away with in weeks of each other.

I am still shocked now. To think, the woman who gave birth to my mother and was the greatest soul that ever lived and the man, who  helped raise my mother, fought for has life for years, have now departed  and will not be around anymore.

I loved them both very much and would visit her in Sudan every year, twice a year if I was lucky.

They will be missed a lot and life without them will not be the same.

Fatima Mohammed Ahmed Thabit.
Abdelhameed Eltigani Abugiesesa.


 My Poems

I created so many poems ever since that moment.

Here are few that I that wrote that will always remind me of her.

Hearts for Habz

My Grandmother had the biggest heart
She loved us all from the  start

Her smile always lit up a room
Even when we were gloom

She visited all of the family from far and wide
Even though she is gone, we will always be by her side

Kind Spirit  

You created us
You loved and cherished us all
You helped us blossom to who we are today
You are and always will be the heart and soul of the family
Your smile could make the world a better place
Your heart was made from solid gold
Your spirit was always warm and welcoming
Your memories and spirit will always be with us

Gone to Soon

You watched me grow up for the last 20 Years
Knowing your gone has brought me to tears

I will never forget how much you cared
Your kind hearted soul will always be shared

Your heart will always be solid as gold
From now until forever, your story will be told.

Lights Out

As the lights turn on, a new life begins.
With raising a family of 8, life wasn’t always easy.
But she managed to survive.

Lets fast forward time to when her first grandchild was born.

Her face glowed and she began sharing her happiness with
everyone around her. From that moment she went from having 1 grandchild, to
having 22 grandchildren and the smile on her face kept getting bigger a bigger.
It shined like the brightest star in the sky.

In that time, she helped her children raise their children.
With going on trips around the world to see them, those trips grew into family
reunions for the last 30 years, with some of them based in her own home. The
home, which her and her husband created long before the first grandchild was
She was happy as can be, enjoying life with every single one
of her grandchild.

Although her health wasn’t always 100%, she never stopped
going and doing all the things she loved. But one night, her health took a turn
for the worst and she laid peacefully in her bed, like an angel waiting to go
to Al Jannah, to watch over us all.

Lights out, until the next time.

My Goodbye

The last time we met was in December
Coming back to visit has been hard to remember

So much has happened and time has gone by
Now its hard to say goodbye

Thank you for being who you are
In my heart you will always be my star

Every night I will look to the sky
To see my star and say goodbye

So goodbye and goodnight
I will always hold on tight

What I feel, now that she is gone

Even though she is gone,

I still feel she is here with is now and not really gone.
I feel like she is walking around the house, seeing what
people are doing.
I feel like she is the kitchen giving instructions to her
maid, on the food for that day.
I feel as if she is sitting in her chair outside, embracing
I feel like I could go outside and give her a hug and big
But for now, it is all different.

Now that she is gone.


In certain places in her home, contain certain flashbacks. It
makes me think of all the wonderful memories we have shared.

Here are a few that I remember.

1st Flashback : the way she used to sit around the
house and watch all of us. Also the big smile she had when she saw us together.

2nd  Flashback:
Sitting at the dining table eating from the large circular tray. I could almost
imagine my grandmothers reaching out and taking a bite.

3rd Flashback: When visitors come to the house, I
can almost see her calling out to people to eat and see her sitting on the edge
of the bed.

4th  Flashback: Whenever I walk into her room, it’s almost as if I
can see her lying on her bed, or even opening up her wardrobe looking for

5th  Flashback: As I step into the kitchen, I can see her helping
her daughters and maids with the food preparations. Almost as if she is the
head chef and they were here workers.

Every piece of you

For everyday that you are gone, one part of my heart breaks
into a thousand pieces.

For every hour, minute and second that you are away, one part
of my soul is gone and is with you.

For every memory we have shared, it shall stay with me till
the time I am with you.

For every smile you have given to all of us all, it will stay
with us and we will share it all around us.

Forever will you stay with us.

Unnamed Soul

As we enter the graveyard, we see thousands of bodies.
But we have arrived for only one.
It lies deep into the graveyard, amongst others, unnamed.
Although some may think we are unsure, which on is hers,
We know and see the unnamed body with a plant growing beside it.
Almost like a new life growing next to it.

We great her with a prayer and make more and more prayers for her passing. We pray that
she is with the creator, Allah.
As she lays there, we see the stones that mark the head and foot. So we know when we
get close to this unnamed soul, we know where her body lies.

To think, just before that moment, that unnamed body, was my grandmother.
A wife to a great husband, the mother of 8, the grandmother of 22.

For a moment, we stand there looking at this unnamed soul, which we have loved and cared for.

Then we  think “ She is in a better place.”

We kneel down to her body, that lays underground, and thank her for that she had done
and wish her the best in the afterlife, until the time we can join her.

Then we depart on out journey back to her home, where we see the rest of her family
mourning the death of her.

As we leave, we feel as though she has felt out arrival at the graveyard and has
blessed us all with a great life, a great family and a great soul.

Final Words

Thank you for your kindness.
Thank you for your memories.
Thank you for your blessed and happy family you left behind.
As I depart on my journey, I will always be thankful for
everything you have done and the legacy you have left behind.

Thank you for everything.

His Oath
You took an oath to your wife to love, care and respect us all.
Since that day, you have followed it and we will always respect you.
Even through the toughest times, you never let us down.
So even though you are gone and with your wife,
We will always respect you and your legacy.
We will always miss you every single day you are gone.
We will always remember you for who you are and what you have done.

Together they cared for one another in sickness and in health.
Together they started a family.
Together they raised a family of 8.
Together they were blessed with 22 grand kids.
Together they helped create a strong family bond.
Together they died together.
Together they will be reunited in Al Jannah with the creator, Allah.

Hands Shaking.
Heart Broken.
Brain Frozen.
Body Numb.
Mind Confused.
Soul Disappeared.
Thoughts Mixed Up.
Family Reunited.
Grand Parents Gone.

My Heart
My Heart,
Once filled with so many love hearts and emotions.
Now it is shattered into a million pieces, after the unexpected death of my grandmother

I leave and try and fix it and put it back together again.
It got a point where it stayed intact and was manageable.
Then, I  receive some news and it shatters again into a billion pieces, after the expected death of grandfather.

So Now I am left frozen, heart broken and confused.
Trying to put the pieces together, not knowing where to start.
I know in the end it  wont be the same.
But will be a work of art

My 2 Stars
My stars in the sky shine so bright.
Guiding me from the darkness and into the light.
They glisten and shimmer, almost to say…
“Everything will be alright.”
The question is…
Will I be alright?

So shine bright in the night sky.
You and I will be reunited some point tonight.

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