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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

When we think of "superheroes/heroines " we think of a man or woman who hides their true identity and instead portrays this alternative version of themselves in the best light possible with indescribable powers that can save the world. But, we realize they are just like us;  human beings with emotions, dreams, and spirits. Yet, they also have to go through the same struggles as we do, day by day, but they have to fight crime, save the world and be themselves at the same time, which is not an easy job to do. However, unlike us, they find the strength within themselves and find the balance to do so, which is why we see them as powerful people that we hope to aspire to become one day.

Take Black Panther for example. I think so many people are excited to see this film and have taken more of an interest in this particular comic is because the film has a full cast of colored people, which makes it more powerful and more relatable to young black/African people, who need someone to aspire to. Usually, any person of color that is casted in a large feature film is seen as a supporting role or sidekick to the main character. But this time around , its a full cast  that everyone can relate to.

From the time Ryan Coogler (who directed and wrote Fruitvale Station and Creedannounced he was creating Black Panther,  I was ecstatically happy because not only did each one of those films had such a  powerful storyline and complex characters that everyone could relate to, but it also had one of my favourite actors  Michael B. Jordanwho happened to be the main guy in each one of these films.

 The chemistry between Ryan and Michael is truly magical and inspiring, due to the fact that while working on Fruitvale Station,  Ryan was writing Creed and brought Michael into his world. Then while the two of them were working on Creed, Ryan was in the process of creating Black Panther and again brought Michael into his world, but bringing in a bigger and more influential cast with him. I can already see big things happening for both of them and I will always continue to support them.

With all of that in mind, I decided to create a digital scrapbook full of artworks, featuring the cast of Black Panther. 

We are all Black Panthers! 

We are All Wakandians! 

Let's support and fight for one another and bring peace and tranquility to our world.

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