Saints and Scholars

Friday, 19 January 2018

When it comes to travelling, I believe that the best way to enjoy it is to work hard for a few months and take a few days to explore a new city/country. These will create long lasting memories for you and your loved ones. Also, it's always best to enjoy a new place with a tour guide, who has lived there for a long time and they can show you the best of what that place has to offer.

For example, I have been working at Lovisa for the past 4 months and although the team that I am working day in and day out with are amazing people, I needed some time relax, catch up with old friends and go an adventure. So I booked a short trip to Dublin, Ireland for a few days to catch up with an old friend, who I graduated with at Esmod Dubai. This trip was a well desereved, well needed trip to help rejovinate me to work hard.

It was great to be in a new city and explore some new spaces with my friend, who have not seen in 4 years and enjoy some time with her. She showed me the "typical" touristy places such as; The Liffey River, Temple Bar....etc , as well as underated places such as; Glendalough, Killkenny and Powerscourt, which were on the outskirts of Dublin and were completly breathtaking to see.

As a whole, Dublin was great place for someone, who is an avid booklover, due to the fact that they have so many small and unique bookshops, where you can find some incredible books ( old and new) , after all, the country has the title of " The island of the saints and scholars.".

But enough of my rant on how incredible my trip to Ireland was.

Here ais my digital lookbook of what I wore on my trip.

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