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Monday, 2 December 2013

Well what can I say, I have known this girl since I was in reception in primary school and how look at her, writing her own music, performing..etc
Ever since primary school , Harriet has always been a music lover so its great to hear her music and always show my support from right here in Dubai.

If you haven't heard her music, then you are missing out !!
(Check out the tab bellow with a few of her music videos)

Reunion 2013  Images
Before I left UK to come to Dubai, I had to make sure these guys knew that I was going. So I managed to plan a small get together and I told them. They were more than happy for me and were quite excited to see what I was going to do there. So to all of those people , I wanted to say thank you for support and I hope to see you all soon :)

This Summer I fortunate to see her perform and I was blown away by her incredible voice.
I knew this girl could sing from when we were school , but this girl can SING !!
Make sure you check out all of her music and watch her live if your around in the UK !!

One of Harriets Songs : He Knows The Road ( My favorite :)


1. When did you start getting into music ? and when did Harriet Jones Music  start ?
     I've always loved listening to music and it was always something I sort of fantasized about doing. Back when I must've been no older than 7, 8, maybe 9, I used to try and write songs. Admittedly the parts I can remember are despicably cringe-worthy and would make the most open-minded listener's ears bleed but that, and liking poetry, was probably where the idea started. Mind you, I remember one year in a Christmas play being forced into playing some spinning bell instrument instead of singing in the choir's rendition of 'feed the world' and pretty much took that as me "not being able to sing" for years and years after. In hindsight, I suppose you wouldn't tend to stick someone with a gravelly voice in an angelic prepubescent choir...

2. If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why ?
Oh, tough one! Errr... there are so many! Maybe someone like Scott Walker, for that old-fashioned-cinematic sortof sound? Orrr The Smiths just because Morrissey is basically a brilliant poet or Paul Weller on a sortof modern motown song? Or Alex Turner? There are SO many more too that I could only ever dream of collaborating with. Probably obvious ones, but I guess they're obvious because they are brilliant and that shouldn't demean them as a 'stereotypical answer'.

3. Out of all the songs you have written, which one is your favorite and why?
Erm that's a really tough one! Right now I'd probably pick one of the new ones I've just finished writing ready for recording early in the new year, but that's probably just because in terms of emotional-relevance they're fresh and still hold the same meaning? I suppose I will always love In The Basement, though. It must've been one of, if not the, first song I ever wrote and If people sing it back, whether that's my mum, best mates or strangers at gigs, that's the best feeling in the world and I really prefer how I play it live, acoustically, over the studio version - If I'm allowed to say that! Also it's sortof got this egotistical vulnerability about it, pretending you're okay with a situation and putting on that face maybe when you're actually a bit cheesed off with the way things went... It doesn't hold the exact same meaning for me now but It seems to always find its relevance to a current situation for me.

4. Who are your fashion icons?
      I wouldn't say I have any particular 'style icons' or anything as I'd need to be a lot more invested in that side of things for that to be, but I've always been quite keen on the whole 60's, 70's vibe. I'm really keen on a good hat and 60's, moddy-print dresses but that's sortof where my efforts end; I usually just end up looking like an art teacher anyway, come at me boys!... Nina Simone, Claudia Cardinale maybe... I don't know if that's a fashion thing though or just me thinking they're wonderful.

5. How would you describe your personal style?
I have no idea! Nothing particularly cool I don't think... I like 60's go-go things and some 70's gear but for the most part it's all quite badly mismatched and gives off the fruitarian-art-teacher vibe... but I suppose generally quite laid back. I like mainly back clothes too, exciting.. and I've always been one for an eyeliner flick and a good hat. Other than that I'll take what I get!

6. What is one thing/item you can't live without?
I guess a guitar? Pragmatically speaking. Clothes wise... a coat? Oh god I'm exciting aren't I haha! I hate taking coats off, not sure why.


Dealin' Man Blues

In The Basement

Make Sure you follow her on twitter @harrietjonesmus  and check out her facebook page
Link :https://www.facebook.com/harrietjonesmusic?fref=ts
Check it out for more info on tour dates and upcoming music.

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