40th National Day of the UAE

Saturday, 3 December 2011
Hey guys,

This year I spent my national day in Abu dhabi with my cousins,
And I have to say this year was possibly the best year for it !!!
I've never had so much fun in a car !! Lol

On our way there we came across some cars who had the UAE flag on them for example this one

In the evening , my cousins and I decided to take a ride to the Corniche , but the funny thing is , we never made it there. There was soo much traffic and so many people getting sprayed with silly spring and foam.
And yes , my cousins and I got targeted many times, which made it so much fun because we decided to get revenge on the people that got us , so we stocked up on the silly spring and foam and targeted the people who got us.
There was a point where we got stuck under the bridge and a lot of the locals were walking around getting a lot of people , which got very serious in the end , however, since it was too hectic for to take pictures , heres a few that I found , so you can understand how crazy it was

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Location:Abu Dhabi

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