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Wednesday, 25 November 2015


For all of the people who were wondering what has happened to me and this blog, I would like to apologise because I am currently going through a transition stage and figuring out my next stages in life.

It broke my heart that I had to leave Dubai and come back to UK to look for a job. I thought it was the best option for me because I have done so many internships, but unfortunately there was nothing solid at the end of them. So I came back to Uk because I felt I would get something solid and better, so that when I do come back to Dubai, it will be easier to get job there.

I hope inshallah I will find something and figure it all out. But until then, bare with me!


Since I have returned to UK, I have started 2x projects to keep me busy.
 (I will keep you all updated, so stay tuned!)

            1. Garage

One of them is to converting our garage into an art studio. So this will be my creative space for me to do whatever.

Here are a few images of it in the works;

            2. Sudanese Print Design.

As a lot of you might know about me, is that I love colourful prints. I don't realise until I was in Esmod Dubai how much I love them and how easy it is to design your own print. So I am using my culture and heritage from Sudan and designing my own Tiyab ( this is the traditional wear of Sudan for women.)

Here are a few examples of Tiyab (Plural or Toub (singular)

This is my creative process and a few designs  so far:

 Stay Tuned for more designs! <3 p="">
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