Road To Freedom Spring/Summer 2012

Monday, 13 February 2012

I'm so excited to show to you what I have planned for my outfit for out uni's annual June fashion show .
For our fashion show each year is given a specific topic and within that we have to pick our own inspiration and designer .
So for my class (2nd year class) our topic was a tailor jacket, so we started of researching all the history of the tailor jacket.
Then we had to choose a designer who uses a lot of them and design a new collection which was inspired by our own theme.
So in my case, I chose Ann-Sofie Back a swedish designer and for my theme I chose Slavery
Here are a couple pages that I did:

Here are a few sketches that I did ( I did about 75+ sketches but these are the final 5 )

Here is my final sketch and illustration

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Azza Gasim

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