My recent trip to Sudan ( my roots)

Sunday, 31 December 2000
Hello my fellow peeps :)

I'm sorry I haven't been able to blog a lot lately, I've recently came back from Sudan and over there, there isn't that much Internet access , so I decided to blog about it when I got back to Dubai ,

So here we are 4days after my visit , sitting on the sofa , blogging about this trip.

The reason why I went to Sudan was for my cousin Sarah's wedding, and it turned out to be one of the best weddings I've ever been to :)

Here is a diary and a few pictures of what happened during that hectic week :)

Saturday 24th Dec : arrived in Sudan with my best friend / cousin Zain
Went out to lunch at a fish restaurant

Sunday 25th Dec : First night of the wedding celebrations , ( house party for Sarah )

Monday 26th Dec: house party for Tarig ( Sarah's brother ) and Kim who got married Oct 2010

Tuesday 27th Dec: third night of wedding celebrations, (instead of of going to the groom's henna night, I got my henna and hair prepared for the next few nights ,

Wednesday 28th Dec: Forth night of wedding celebrations which included :
>>Traditional jirtig ( this is where the elder women of the both the bride and grooms side spray the couple in assorted sprays and perfumes as a sign of good health,good weath and children .

>> Agged ( this is where the male representatives of both the bride and groom head down to the mosque and sign the official marriage agreement)

>> Wedding party ( this is a pre wedding day party, which celebrates the official union of the bride and groom )

Thursday 29th Dec: The official wedding day,

Friday 30th Dec : the day after the wedding , where everyone was leaving, either back to saudi , Dubai, Abu dhabi, UK or the states

That's all for now , ( don't worry I will keep blogging :)

Happy new year :) I hope this year will be better then the last :D


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Azza Gasim

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