More T-shirt Designs

Tuesday, 22 March 2011
Hey Guys and fellow #teamfresh fans :D

Before i show you a few ew sketches that ive been working on like to thank you to : @briannaaleta,@caribeangal09 and @kasumi_fresh for emailing me their logo designs for me to use :D
( if there any #teamfresh fans that havent yet emailed me their logo ideas .. tweet me and follow me at @azz_richgirl
Here are their logo designs that they emailed me :

Here are a few more t-shirt designs that i came up with

Just remember to be sure to follow and check out their music :

Khalil >> @crazykhalil >> Hey Lil Mama, Girlfriend Ringtone
AaronFresh >>@aaronfresh1 >>Spending All My Time, Dirty Gurl, Original Love , Dangerous,Dumb,Bend Over,In Danger
Jessica Jarrell >>@jessicajarrell >> Almost Love 24/7 , Up and Running
Jacob Latimore >>@jacoblatimore >> Like Em All
Diggy Simmons >> @diggy_simmons >> Make You Look, Shock Ones..


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