My Ramadan Experience

Monday, 6 September 2010
Hello fellow bloggers :)

Sorry I haven't been able to update you with what's going on.
Recently I have travelled to Mecca and Madinah ( the two most holy islamic cities in the world)

Whenever a person visits Mecca, they have to do pilgrimage, also known as Umrah. For that you have to go round the kaaba 7times, starting from the black stone on right hand side. ( whilst reciting the Qur'an and making prayers to god ( Allah).

After doing that , you go to the Safa and Marwa. These are the mountains of which prophet ismaeel's mother travelled to and from to look for water ( this water is now known as "zamazm" water). She travelled to and from there 7 times , so for us when we visit the Safa and Marwa we travel to and from it 7 times just like she did.

Once I finished doing Umrah , my family and I travelled to Madinah . This is the place that has the holy mosque that Prophet Muhammed was buried in. When I was there I prayed all of the prayers ( these prayers are compulsory)and they are :
* Subohh ( this is the morning prayers)
* Doohoor ( the early afternoon prayers)
* Assoor ( the late afternoon prayers)
* Mugrib ( the evening prayers)
* Isha ( the late evening prayers)

There are also extra prayers that people pray that gets them more points from Allah and they are :
* al tarawih ( these are prayers that are prayed in sets 2)
* the two extra prayers after each prayer.

The most amazing thing I saw was , yesterday I went to see the Prophets Graves like I saw Prophet Muhammed's grave, Prophet Ismaeel and Prophet Ibraheem's grave. It was the most remarkable thing I have ever seen. I would show you what it was like but I wasn't aloud to take any pictures of it.

However I will upload some of the pictures that I took of Mecca and Madinah very soon

Please comment , if you have any questions or if u wish to compliment on anything

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